Friday, May 4, 2012

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Of the Dead / OVA

Hello guys,
After a long time, now I still don't have time, but I don't care, I have to share this with the world :D
So to be quick I'll only write about the pictures (after this picture=pic!!!) a little to understand what's funny about them :D Every picture is from the Kore Ha Zombie desu ka? Of the Dead and the OVA (00th ep of it :D) So let's start: (The text will be UNDER the pics!!!)
I think it speaks for itself :D (If not: she felt in love with Ayumu after she saw his butt.)
 I think this also speaks for itself.
 The most clever sentence in the series :D
 Just try find out :D (And yes its in his ass :D And this is only a few sec before a birthday party.... :D)
 Those sparklings.... (And the stick from his ass in the background....)
 Which was the best birthday present???
 THIS!!!! (And she shows the huge plastic boobs from Orito.....)
 Just too KAWAII!!!!
 And now he tries to undress Eu but to be fair he tries to wear gloves and that idiotic eyepath. But now he think that ..... so "that" is Eu so he hugs it...... Such an idiot.... Fair. Yes, yes, I don't beleive it :D
 These are just in Ayumu's head!!! And this is what's wrote with pin.
 He was an idiot so Haruna kicked him to the wall, and that's red something is his blood.
But he have to do something to heal Eu!!!
Let's call an idiot!!!
Phone speak:
-Jodl!!! That'll heal her.
-Not working!!!
-Than dance.
-Not working.
-Than use some robo music with the Jodl!!!
-Not working.
-Than strip to underwear:
(Next pic.)
-Not working.
Than try to go down to all four, wriggle your hip, and blow gently.
 And this does everything!!!!!!
 Eu asked him to sleep together. And that face.....
" You're like a rubber ducky floating in the bath!"-WTF????
 Haruna lets Eu sleep with Ayumu, but only in speak :D
 No there isn't :D There always a better and bigger misunderstanding :D
 So kawaii, and Ayumu's brain must be a very good place :D
 Water's fault. Of course!!! Who else's fault could it be to try swimming with medival armor???
But if it's Eu I also think it's the waters fault to let Eu sink :D Someone PUNISH the water for this betrayal!!!
 Simply kawaii :D
 Don't try to crash with your head to a tsundere vampire ninja's boobs :D
 When a tsundere becomes dere dere :D But that idiotic dehydrated Ayumu....
Can't walk and when triing to fix Sera's bra, he takes it down. And we know that this never means anything good.... :D
I hope you could laugh a lot and these pics made you to put this anime to your plan to watch list :D