Thursday, April 5, 2012


 Today I also finished an anime :D (Lately I everyday finish an anime, but I this tendency will stop a few days later, because there won't be any anime witch I started but not finished :D) This time it was the Toradora!

 This anime was offered to me and I'm really thankful about it, because it was amazing!!! It has a romantic and a funny side and these two make a perfect combination, there rate is perfect. And the graphic is also very good.
 The story is about a boy who looks like a mafia leader and his classmates and teachers are afraid of him, but he meets a girl (Taiga alias Palmtop Tiger) who is in a very similar position and they become friends and also make friends with others.
 Every character has something special, for example the protagonist can't stand anything witch is dirty and starts cleaning at the moment he sees it. And there are much more extreme characters in the story so you won't see any boring frame in this anime.
 In the beginning there are more the funny scenes, but in the end the romantic story line comes in and makes you wanting to watch it. And it's a miracle that both of them is very good. The romantic an the funny parts are both on a very high quality and this is rare, but in this anime this is luckily a very good point.
 And also there are a lot of surprise scene witch can't be predicted. For me a fight was the biggets surprise, because it was on a same level like a fight in a Naruto/One Piece/Bleach and this in a romantic/funny anime is very rare.
 And the Palmtop Tiger also become one of my favorites characters with Kushieda Minori, who is so idiotic that there are no words for it :D Every idea from her must be something embarrassing, funny, or idiotic, but you will laugh until it's hurt and even more.
 The Palmtop Tiger (Taiga) is a typical tsundere, but in a very extreme way. She starts the anime with hiting Ryuuji (the main character) but later on they will be ver close to each other and you'll find out that is very sensitive.
So if you like to watch an anime witch will make you laugh, cry or just want enjoy something without monsters, agression, but with a lot of funny events you should watch this. You won't regret it :D