Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Phi Brain _ Game of Thrones

 Today I finished an other anime (this time it was the Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle) and I started to watch the second season of the Game of Thrones.
 First the Phi Brain. This will be short because of the horrible memories about it. This was one of the worst animes I watched ever. This was truly painful to watch.
 After the 2nd episode I watched it only to be able to give it a score and be able to send it to hell. And finally I have the rights to rise against it. It had horrible characters, even worse story, even worse world and more. This isn't for humans, this more dangerous than a knife in to the eyes.

 It's all about puzzles, but didn't even show the tricks or anything interesting about them. It shows it for 1 sec than forgets about telling the important rules and than shows when the protagonist wins. But I think most disturbing part was when he started the puzzles with a: "The puzzle time starts." sentence. That was the time when I tried to escape from it, but I had to watch it to WARN everyone to stay away from it, it's dangerous. There are a lot of better animes watch them instead!!!
 Now move to better topic: Game of Thrones!!! Yes it's the famous HBO series from George R. R. Martin's book series: A Song of Ice and Fire. After the amazing 1st season I couldn't miss the first episodes of the 2nd season, so today I watched it and it was as good (or even better???) as the 1st season.
 This world and these characters are just so good. I don't even know how could I wait a year for the 2nd season. But I know that before the 3rd season I'll read the books because who could waait this much again? When the winter is coming.
 If you are afraid because this is a live action series, I can say that this is not that idiotic Hollywood style piece of *shit* like some other series on TV this is from one of the best fantasy novels ever (my friends informed me well, I didn't read it because my huge lack of time) and that can be noticed in every moment of the show.
 But be careful because this isn't a fairy tale!!! This will show you human greed very well. This will show you the weakness in honor. And I think that's very unique nowadays. This will show you how much power is in money and greed. But I think it's easier to watch it and than love it. So hurry and enjoy one of the best live action TV series ever :D
 Winter is Coming.

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