Monday, April 2, 2012

Persona 4

Today I finished the next anime :D This time it was the Persona 4.
This anime was made from a JRPG, but it's quality is surprisingly high :) After watching it I just can't wait for the game's extra version on the Playstation Vita. I'll buy it the fisrst day it comes out in english version.
This anime's protagonist is a transfer student from Tokyo. (Narukami-kun) He transfers here for only a year, but in that year he saves the world, make friends, discovers a completely different world, helps for a lot of people, strengthen his bonds, etc.
This anime's best point is the story. (The game is nearly 100 hours to finish.) It's truly full of changes and surprises. And it involves every aspects of life. Through the 25 episodes you can completely understand the characters motives and personalities.
This anime is in a small town in Japan where a few people can go into the TV and there they can fight there persona-s, which is one of there personalities. (something more than that, but for that information you should watch the anime or play the game :D)
After a few episodes they will start to investigate a serial killer, but that will become a little bit complicated. Even Narukami's family will be involved (someone in his family is a detective) and things will be even more interesting later.
But before your brain would stop working from overuse there will come a few side (quest) story which are all funny/amazing. There were a few which was so interesting I could barely wait a week to be able to watch it's end :D
So if you are interested in a interesting fantasy story with nearly perfect characters, you should watch it, but be careful because it could make you buy the game later :D
What a Teddie-ous anime :D

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