Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Past few days_Anime spring

In the past few days I was with my family, so I couldn't write about anything, but today finally I'm able to be in peace and write something :)
 So the winter anime seasons reached their ends (with only a few exceptions) and those are also near there ends, so I'll write about it a little. This season was interesting, because in the beginning of it I hardly find any good anime, but after 3-4 episodes a lot of them become interesting and I started to wait for the next episodes and in the end most of the aired animes became one of my favorites :D The Nisemonogatari is the best example for it. After 3 episodes I watched it only because of defiance. I didn't understood anything in it I nearly dropped it, but them on a forum someone sad that this is a SECOND season from a series, so I watched it and now these are my favorite animes :D (I'll write 1 for each season, but I need time for it, because for a favorit anime, I need to write an amazing blog to be satisfied :D) But until that time a picture:
Now the actual seasons are already started (also with a few exceptions) (picture below), so I'll write a preview about the season. Now I like 10 animes witch are aired by now:
Fate/Zero 2nd half; Kore wa Zombie desu ka? 2nd season; Kuroko no Basuke; Accel World; Sankarea; Tasogare Otome x Amnesia; Nazo no Kanojo X; Upotte!!; Acchi Kocchi; Hiiro no Kakera;
And trere are 4 more witch have good odds to be liked:
AKB048; Koi-ken!; Gokujyo-; Shining Hearts;
But I'll also watch a few bad anime to have a better view over the season and to have a better basis to decide witch is good and witch is bad :)
(On the picture below there isn't any anime witch is less than 20 minutes/episodes, so HERE (LINK) in the watching list there are a few other anime from this season, but not all, because there is a few anime witch isn't compatible with my taste, so I don't watch them.)
I hope you'll find a few for yourself to enjoy :D
Have a good season in spring.

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