Friday, April 6, 2012

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

Today I started watching the second season of the Kore wa Zombie desu ka?:
 This anime is something which is even more sick than the Kill Me Baby!
 This anime's protagonist is a Male Zombie Mahou Shoujo with a Chain Saw. Yes, a Male Zombie Magical Girl. He can turn into a Mahou Shoujo and when he transforms he changes his clothes to a Mahou Shoujo dress, so he basically cross dresses.
 In that form he can perform the Mystletainn Kick (It's a link, so watch it and you'll understand :D) which is one of the most idiotic attack I ever seen.
 And the Zombie part is even more sick. He is a zombie reanimated by necromancer (The girl with the scythe on the picture above.), so he can't die and he can overuse his muscles, but when he is in his Mahou Shoujo form he becomes more "cute" with it, there will be flowers all over his clothes and even more "kawaii" things.
 If you still don't believe me and thinks that this is a serious anime, just watch the pictures and know that this is just ONE character and the others are also sick in every and even more way that you can imagine.
 The story is a bullshit, but this one doesn't make you angry, this will make you laugh even more. There are events where you'll laugh so hard that it will pain you.
 The graphic is also something that humans can't stand without laughing. The colors are always pink and black, depressive and funny, shining and dark.
 And these circumstances make a very unique atmosphere for the anime. I can't wait to watch the next episode next week :D
 Eucliwood (the necromancer in the armor) => Ayumu (the protagonist (the male Mahou Shoujo Zombie)) lives with her, but Eu can't speak, because of her overwhelming power, so she writes down everything she thinks, but Ayumu always think (and sees before his eyes) a scene where Eu becomes a moe character and acts like it.
 These are also sick. The imagined Eu is more kawaii than any other manga girl and even more unreal :D And in the second season she speaks with the real Eu which was EPIC!!!
 I forgot to say anything about the other characters, so the main characters: Ninja Vampire, Mahou Shoujo, Necromancer, Zombie. Such a variety :D
 Also the Ninja Vampire is a tsundere and she hates Ayumu an always tells him something to bother him, because she wants to be Eu's servant, but she can't be because she needs only one and now it's Ayumu.
 After a few episodes every character will gather and the most funny scenes will come from the "brain???" of the creators. So if you like to watch an anime witch can't be imagined, witch is so sick that you'll be an addict of it, or just want something even more idiotic than the Kill Me Baby! you should watch this.
 And finally two pictures of AYUMU!!!
Enjoy it :D
100% 200% 300% .... 1000%
And I have to vomit :D

I didn't use carefully the Mahou Shoujo phrase so I say that the Masou Shoujo would be better.


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