Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gran Turismo 5 fun

Today I'll write about my most played game, the Gran Turismo 5.
The reason for this is because I organised a season for a site and it ended last week. And a racer of us made a video from the best moments.
The video :D
This season had 5 races with different cars and tracks every time. It lasted 10 weeks (one race / two weeks) and it had a lot of amazing matches. It had an individual and a team race just like the F1.
We aren't professionals so we had a lot of accidents, but after the season everyone became a little bit better, so it was worse the time spent on training for the races.
In the race I came in forth, but my team (BME Racsing Tím) came is first even when I was disconnected once :D

1. BME Racsing Tím_______63 point
2. Orange Racing Team_____61 point
3. Chipet Chapat___________50 point
4. Halál Csillag Team________41 point
5. Pályakarbantartók_________29 point
6. NOOBok________________16 point
7. Ballor Team_______________12 point

1. trinity___________41 point =10+8+8+5+10+0
2. Vacok__________34 point =7+6+5+9+7+0
3. Maszlik_________33 point =9+9+6+3+6+0
4. sasukeskapa______32 point =8+7+1+7+9+0
5. Ádám___________28 point =5+10+7+6+0+0
6. Richard_K_85____27 point =0+0+9+10+8+0
7. Sipi_____________19 point =2+4+4+4+4+1
8. krisz_____________13 point =6+3+2+2+0+0
9. droid_____________11 point =0+0+10+0+0+1
9. KantorN00bika_____11 point =0+0+0+8+3+0
11. ferko____________10 point =3+5+0+0+2+0
12. Woodoo__________9 point =4+0+3+1+1+0
13. Maki_____________5 point =0+0+0+0+5+0
14. menoh____________1 point =0+0+0+0+0+1
15. Hatrix____________0 point =0+0+0+0+0+0
Tomorrow I'll write about an anime again, but now this was on my mind :D

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