Monday, March 26, 2012

Learning like an engineer :)

Hello :D
Today I wrote a test at BME (University at Hungary) and than we spoke about learning with my friends. And the conclusion was enough interesting to write it here :D So here it is:
An engineer isn't a normal human, he (there is only ~2-5% of the engineers are female, so he :D) is very VERY lazy. He just don't like to learn the things which are boring, so yesterday we all (me and my friends) cleaned our homes (we all live alone or only with a brother, away from our parents, such freedom :D) and even washed every knife, spoon, plate, everything. I built a tree structure on my harddrive and updated my anime list ( we just do anything other than learn the boring subject. (The bullshit subjects are even worse :D (Management for example.)) But when we write the test, it's another world. We just sweat blood and burn our brain, but usually somehow pass the exams and tests and create miracles :D And for the next we learn a little bit more.
However when I should learn for my Computer Architecture exam, I just read and think about it for days and than write an amazing test and get an average (Maximum) score, but I think it's only because I choose one of the most difficult University in Hungary :D (But I love this University not like my friend who choose one easier and more arts like University. (One from them is a historian.))
And I think that's all about learning :D
This blog shows how random will be the post, but I think a lot of post will be about animes/mangas/videogames and cars, because those are my interest :D
See you next time:
(For online friends sasu, for friends who meet me in reality Dandé :D)
Dandé Dániel (But it's a secret!!!)

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