Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kill Me Baby

Today I also finished an amazing anime, so I'll follow my new habit and write a blog about it :D
It's name is: Kill Me Baby
 This anime is about an assassin, a normal, but baka student, a very slow ninja and an unused character. This anime don't bothers you with difficult and complex stories, it's simply is about FUN. But not ordinary fun, this is just way BETTER!!! I never laughed this much on my life.
 You can find gags in EVERY frame!!! And those gags are just amazing. Sometimes my chair saved me from braking my neck from falling off from it, but luckily my chair has armrests and those could hold me while I laughed unstoppable :D
 Truly this anime was the most funny from everyone I watched until now. In forums we discussed about it and found out (Just a theory, but I think this must be the truce.) that the author had to be drunk, and had to have drugs in his/her body because this is just too much for a sober to write/animate :)
 Some days this saved my depressed brain from being down. After a few second I just started to laugh and enjoy the show. These stories/characters won't let you rest from laughing, you'll laugh until you can't breath and even more :D Sometimes I can't tell how I survived the episode from taking a breath between the storms of laughter.
 In my list it got the maximum points and not for nothing. (my list link and it got 10 points :D) If you have time and want to enjoy a few jokes => Watch it, you won't regret it :D
(This picture is from the ending, but with the characters of  Yuru Yuri. I'll write about it later :D)

Baby Please Kill Me :D


  1. I started to watch this anime, because you mentioned it to me.

    I finished it today too, and it was GREAT!

    I hope, they'll make more such anime, like this :)

    1. I also hope it :D
      Something even more idiotic :D