Friday, March 30, 2012

Inu x Boku SS

Today I finished one of the best animes in winter. This had the best manga girl in it, so it will be a huge loss, but there is a manga from it, so I'll read it instead :D Ah I forgot to write it's name :) Than let's do it:
This anime is something. The first episode made me love it. The heroin is just too perfect to be able to write something bad about. She is a tsunshun (Though she has characteristics of a tsundere, she is actually a tsunshun in terms of personality.-from wikipedia) (She is very delicate inside, but outside she is a tsundere.-from me) which became my favorit personality for manga girls.
The story is about her moving to a new place to be alone, because of her bad interacts with other people, but in the first day his secret agent (Miketsukami) appears and manages to be able to be her bodyguard and agent.
Later on the show she will become friends with a lot of other person from The Maison de Ayakashi (she moves here.) which is a place for humans with demon ancestors. And yes she had demon ancestors as well, which makes the story even more entertaining.
And that story is full of fun scenes, the characters are always make something witch will make you laugh. They are just so unique. And not just one, all of them are very special!!! But they slowly keeps moving with the story witch is much better than you would expect from an anime like this. It really surprised me.
Overall I think this is one of the best animes witch are made only to joy you. (But I think the pictures are showing it well enough :D)
I hope that everyone would watch/enjoy it so I'll stop wasting your time and I'll let you watch it instead :D

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