Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today I like to write about an anime witch finished today (or yesterday if I write this slowly :D) And it's name is:
Chihayafuru (Who would think this after the name of the post???)
I think that this anime wasn't enough popular, because I don't even know nayone who watched it. But it was a wonderful anime and this is not only my opinion. (MAL score) So I write a little about it :D
This anime is about a card game in Japan. It can be played by everyone, you just need a good memory, ears and reflexes :D (Maybe it can't be played by everyone???) It's about touching the card witch one's poem (Because these card's shows poem. (And there are 100 card => 100 poem is needed to memorized to be able to win :D)) was read by the reader, but the extra joy comes in when we add another person who tries the same. The winner is the one who touches more cards. (This isn't a perfect description of the game, but a cheap picture to be able to imagine the game.)
Now I think that most of you just thinks that I'm an idiot, because this is easy and boring, but it isn't!!! There are a lot of tactics in it, for example: you can make the opponent frustrated to revert him/her from concentrating and this is just one of the cheapest way :D
The anime gives you a very good overview about the game, the tactics and the cult about it. But I think that the characters are even better than the game. After 25 episodes I just can't imagine how will I handle their disappearance from my life. They all are very unique and you simply can't resist their charm :) For example the main character: Chihaya is a beauty, but she is a baka. She messes up her charm every time she makes a move or says anything, but she is just to simpleminded to be able to dislike her :D
And there are even more positive aspects about it, but if I would write it all down this post would become a book :D
So I truly suggest to watch it if you didn't watched it by now :D

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