Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kill Me Baby

Today I also finished an amazing anime, so I'll follow my new habit and write a blog about it :D
It's name is: Kill Me Baby
 This anime is about an assassin, a normal, but baka student, a very slow ninja and an unused character. This anime don't bothers you with difficult and complex stories, it's simply is about FUN. But not ordinary fun, this is just way BETTER!!! I never laughed this much on my life.
 You can find gags in EVERY frame!!! And those gags are just amazing. Sometimes my chair saved me from braking my neck from falling off from it, but luckily my chair has armrests and those could hold me while I laughed unstoppable :D
 Truly this anime was the most funny from everyone I watched until now. In forums we discussed about it and found out (Just a theory, but I think this must be the truce.) that the author had to be drunk, and had to have drugs in his/her body because this is just too much for a sober to write/animate :)
 Some days this saved my depressed brain from being down. After a few second I just started to laugh and enjoy the show. These stories/characters won't let you rest from laughing, you'll laugh until you can't breath and even more :D Sometimes I can't tell how I survived the episode from taking a breath between the storms of laughter.
 In my list it got the maximum points and not for nothing. (my list link and it got 10 points :D) If you have time and want to enjoy a few jokes => Watch it, you won't regret it :D
(This picture is from the ending, but with the characters of  Yuru Yuri. I'll write about it later :D)

Baby Please Kill Me :D

Friday, March 30, 2012

Inu x Boku SS

Today I finished one of the best animes in winter. This had the best manga girl in it, so it will be a huge loss, but there is a manga from it, so I'll read it instead :D Ah I forgot to write it's name :) Than let's do it:
This anime is something. The first episode made me love it. The heroin is just too perfect to be able to write something bad about. She is a tsunshun (Though she has characteristics of a tsundere, she is actually a tsunshun in terms of personality.-from wikipedia) (She is very delicate inside, but outside she is a tsundere.-from me) which became my favorit personality for manga girls.
The story is about her moving to a new place to be alone, because of her bad interacts with other people, but in the first day his secret agent (Miketsukami) appears and manages to be able to be her bodyguard and agent.
Later on the show she will become friends with a lot of other person from The Maison de Ayakashi (she moves here.) which is a place for humans with demon ancestors. And yes she had demon ancestors as well, which makes the story even more entertaining.
And that story is full of fun scenes, the characters are always make something witch will make you laugh. They are just so unique. And not just one, all of them are very special!!! But they slowly keeps moving with the story witch is much better than you would expect from an anime like this. It really surprised me.
Overall I think this is one of the best animes witch are made only to joy you. (But I think the pictures are showing it well enough :D)
I hope that everyone would watch/enjoy it so I'll stop wasting your time and I'll let you watch it instead :D

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!

So today I finished another anime which was aired in winter, so I think it's a good idea to write about it. (I think you found it's name, but to be sure here it is: Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!)


It's an anime witch is about 3 girls who lost there parents and whose mother's brother give a place to call home. It's about there little problems with living in a small house. (one room only) The uncle is still learning in a university, but now he has to work to be able to buy enough food for 4 person and the girls try everything to make his life easier, but it still hard. However he loves his life because it is so much fun living with 3 kawaii girls and also his club (in the university) helps him a lot. This anime is all about the fun things so you rarely feel down when watching it. And I think the key for this is in the characters. The smallest girl, Hina-chan is happy nearly all the time and everyone loves her witch makes the whole anime a fun anime. It's a good anime, but it has a few weaknesses, but only a few so if you like to watch an anime with a lot of fun, you should watch it even when this is "only" a good anime. It had a lot of good moments, it would be  loss to miss it :)


And a little extra to be able laugh a little if the blog was too boring :D
Here it is :D

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Today I like to write about an anime witch finished today (or yesterday if I write this slowly :D) And it's name is:
Chihayafuru (Who would think this after the name of the post???)
I think that this anime wasn't enough popular, because I don't even know nayone who watched it. But it was a wonderful anime and this is not only my opinion. (MAL score) So I write a little about it :D
This anime is about a card game in Japan. It can be played by everyone, you just need a good memory, ears and reflexes :D (Maybe it can't be played by everyone???) It's about touching the card witch one's poem (Because these card's shows poem. (And there are 100 card => 100 poem is needed to memorized to be able to win :D)) was read by the reader, but the extra joy comes in when we add another person who tries the same. The winner is the one who touches more cards. (This isn't a perfect description of the game, but a cheap picture to be able to imagine the game.)
Now I think that most of you just thinks that I'm an idiot, because this is easy and boring, but it isn't!!! There are a lot of tactics in it, for example: you can make the opponent frustrated to revert him/her from concentrating and this is just one of the cheapest way :D
The anime gives you a very good overview about the game, the tactics and the cult about it. But I think that the characters are even better than the game. After 25 episodes I just can't imagine how will I handle their disappearance from my life. They all are very unique and you simply can't resist their charm :) For example the main character: Chihaya is a beauty, but she is a baka. She messes up her charm every time she makes a move or says anything, but she is just to simpleminded to be able to dislike her :D
And there are even more positive aspects about it, but if I would write it all down this post would become a book :D
So I truly suggest to watch it if you didn't watched it by now :D

Monday, March 26, 2012

Gran Turismo 5

Hello :)

I thought about showing this to you, but I'm too proud about it to keep it for myself :D
And if you like to watch it in full quality:
I hope you like it :D

Learning like an engineer :)

Hello :D
Today I wrote a test at BME (University at Hungary) and than we spoke about learning with my friends. And the conclusion was enough interesting to write it here :D So here it is:
An engineer isn't a normal human, he (there is only ~2-5% of the engineers are female, so he :D) is very VERY lazy. He just don't like to learn the things which are boring, so yesterday we all (me and my friends) cleaned our homes (we all live alone or only with a brother, away from our parents, such freedom :D) and even washed every knife, spoon, plate, everything. I built a tree structure on my harddrive and updated my anime list ( we just do anything other than learn the boring subject. (The bullshit subjects are even worse :D (Management for example.)) But when we write the test, it's another world. We just sweat blood and burn our brain, but usually somehow pass the exams and tests and create miracles :D And for the next we learn a little bit more.
However when I should learn for my Computer Architecture exam, I just read and think about it for days and than write an amazing test and get an average (Maximum) score, but I think it's only because I choose one of the most difficult University in Hungary :D (But I love this University not like my friend who choose one easier and more arts like University. (One from them is a historian.))
And I think that's all about learning :D
This blog shows how random will be the post, but I think a lot of post will be about animes/mangas/videogames and cars, because those are my interest :D
See you next time:
(For online friends sasu, for friends who meet me in reality Dandé :D)
Dandé Dániel (But it's a secret!!!)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let's start :D

Hi everyone,
I think I make an account to be able post blogs so here it is :D
I don't think that I'll flood blogs, but if I like I'll be able to post any random thing here :D
I hope that there will be at least one human being who'll be reading these :D
A new user: