Friday, May 4, 2012

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Of the Dead / OVA

Hello guys,
After a long time, now I still don't have time, but I don't care, I have to share this with the world :D
So to be quick I'll only write about the pictures (after this picture=pic!!!) a little to understand what's funny about them :D Every picture is from the Kore Ha Zombie desu ka? Of the Dead and the OVA (00th ep of it :D) So let's start: (The text will be UNDER the pics!!!)
I think it speaks for itself :D (If not: she felt in love with Ayumu after she saw his butt.)
 I think this also speaks for itself.
 The most clever sentence in the series :D
 Just try find out :D (And yes its in his ass :D And this is only a few sec before a birthday party.... :D)
 Those sparklings.... (And the stick from his ass in the background....)
 Which was the best birthday present???
 THIS!!!! (And she shows the huge plastic boobs from Orito.....)
 Just too KAWAII!!!!
 And now he tries to undress Eu but to be fair he tries to wear gloves and that idiotic eyepath. But now he think that ..... so "that" is Eu so he hugs it...... Such an idiot.... Fair. Yes, yes, I don't beleive it :D
 These are just in Ayumu's head!!! And this is what's wrote with pin.
 He was an idiot so Haruna kicked him to the wall, and that's red something is his blood.
But he have to do something to heal Eu!!!
Let's call an idiot!!!
Phone speak:
-Jodl!!! That'll heal her.
-Not working!!!
-Than dance.
-Not working.
-Than use some robo music with the Jodl!!!
-Not working.
-Than strip to underwear:
(Next pic.)
-Not working.
Than try to go down to all four, wriggle your hip, and blow gently.
 And this does everything!!!!!!
 Eu asked him to sleep together. And that face.....
" You're like a rubber ducky floating in the bath!"-WTF????
 Haruna lets Eu sleep with Ayumu, but only in speak :D
 No there isn't :D There always a better and bigger misunderstanding :D
 So kawaii, and Ayumu's brain must be a very good place :D
 Water's fault. Of course!!! Who else's fault could it be to try swimming with medival armor???
But if it's Eu I also think it's the waters fault to let Eu sink :D Someone PUNISH the water for this betrayal!!!
 Simply kawaii :D
 Don't try to crash with your head to a tsundere vampire ninja's boobs :D
 When a tsundere becomes dere dere :D But that idiotic dehydrated Ayumu....
Can't walk and when triing to fix Sera's bra, he takes it down. And we know that this never means anything good.... :D
I hope you could laugh a lot and these pics made you to put this anime to your plan to watch list :D

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Past few days_Anime spring

In the past few days I was with my family, so I couldn't write about anything, but today finally I'm able to be in peace and write something :)
 So the winter anime seasons reached their ends (with only a few exceptions) and those are also near there ends, so I'll write about it a little. This season was interesting, because in the beginning of it I hardly find any good anime, but after 3-4 episodes a lot of them become interesting and I started to wait for the next episodes and in the end most of the aired animes became one of my favorites :D The Nisemonogatari is the best example for it. After 3 episodes I watched it only because of defiance. I didn't understood anything in it I nearly dropped it, but them on a forum someone sad that this is a SECOND season from a series, so I watched it and now these are my favorite animes :D (I'll write 1 for each season, but I need time for it, because for a favorit anime, I need to write an amazing blog to be satisfied :D) But until that time a picture:
Now the actual seasons are already started (also with a few exceptions) (picture below), so I'll write a preview about the season. Now I like 10 animes witch are aired by now:
Fate/Zero 2nd half; Kore wa Zombie desu ka? 2nd season; Kuroko no Basuke; Accel World; Sankarea; Tasogare Otome x Amnesia; Nazo no Kanojo X; Upotte!!; Acchi Kocchi; Hiiro no Kakera;
And trere are 4 more witch have good odds to be liked:
AKB048; Koi-ken!; Gokujyo-; Shining Hearts;
But I'll also watch a few bad anime to have a better view over the season and to have a better basis to decide witch is good and witch is bad :)
(On the picture below there isn't any anime witch is less than 20 minutes/episodes, so HERE (LINK) in the watching list there are a few other anime from this season, but not all, because there is a few anime witch isn't compatible with my taste, so I don't watch them.)
I hope you'll find a few for yourself to enjoy :D
Have a good season in spring.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

Today I started watching the second season of the Kore wa Zombie desu ka?:
 This anime is something which is even more sick than the Kill Me Baby!
 This anime's protagonist is a Male Zombie Mahou Shoujo with a Chain Saw. Yes, a Male Zombie Magical Girl. He can turn into a Mahou Shoujo and when he transforms he changes his clothes to a Mahou Shoujo dress, so he basically cross dresses.
 In that form he can perform the Mystletainn Kick (It's a link, so watch it and you'll understand :D) which is one of the most idiotic attack I ever seen.
 And the Zombie part is even more sick. He is a zombie reanimated by necromancer (The girl with the scythe on the picture above.), so he can't die and he can overuse his muscles, but when he is in his Mahou Shoujo form he becomes more "cute" with it, there will be flowers all over his clothes and even more "kawaii" things.
 If you still don't believe me and thinks that this is a serious anime, just watch the pictures and know that this is just ONE character and the others are also sick in every and even more way that you can imagine.
 The story is a bullshit, but this one doesn't make you angry, this will make you laugh even more. There are events where you'll laugh so hard that it will pain you.
 The graphic is also something that humans can't stand without laughing. The colors are always pink and black, depressive and funny, shining and dark.
 And these circumstances make a very unique atmosphere for the anime. I can't wait to watch the next episode next week :D
 Eucliwood (the necromancer in the armor) => Ayumu (the protagonist (the male Mahou Shoujo Zombie)) lives with her, but Eu can't speak, because of her overwhelming power, so she writes down everything she thinks, but Ayumu always think (and sees before his eyes) a scene where Eu becomes a moe character and acts like it.
 These are also sick. The imagined Eu is more kawaii than any other manga girl and even more unreal :D And in the second season she speaks with the real Eu which was EPIC!!!
 I forgot to say anything about the other characters, so the main characters: Ninja Vampire, Mahou Shoujo, Necromancer, Zombie. Such a variety :D
 Also the Ninja Vampire is a tsundere and she hates Ayumu an always tells him something to bother him, because she wants to be Eu's servant, but she can't be because she needs only one and now it's Ayumu.
 After a few episodes every character will gather and the most funny scenes will come from the "brain???" of the creators. So if you like to watch an anime witch can't be imagined, witch is so sick that you'll be an addict of it, or just want something even more idiotic than the Kill Me Baby! you should watch this.
 And finally two pictures of AYUMU!!!
Enjoy it :D
100% 200% 300% .... 1000%
And I have to vomit :D

I didn't use carefully the Mahou Shoujo phrase so I say that the Masou Shoujo would be better.


Thursday, April 5, 2012


 Today I also finished an anime :D (Lately I everyday finish an anime, but I this tendency will stop a few days later, because there won't be any anime witch I started but not finished :D) This time it was the Toradora!

 This anime was offered to me and I'm really thankful about it, because it was amazing!!! It has a romantic and a funny side and these two make a perfect combination, there rate is perfect. And the graphic is also very good.
 The story is about a boy who looks like a mafia leader and his classmates and teachers are afraid of him, but he meets a girl (Taiga alias Palmtop Tiger) who is in a very similar position and they become friends and also make friends with others.
 Every character has something special, for example the protagonist can't stand anything witch is dirty and starts cleaning at the moment he sees it. And there are much more extreme characters in the story so you won't see any boring frame in this anime.
 In the beginning there are more the funny scenes, but in the end the romantic story line comes in and makes you wanting to watch it. And it's a miracle that both of them is very good. The romantic an the funny parts are both on a very high quality and this is rare, but in this anime this is luckily a very good point.
 And also there are a lot of surprise scene witch can't be predicted. For me a fight was the biggets surprise, because it was on a same level like a fight in a Naruto/One Piece/Bleach and this in a romantic/funny anime is very rare.
 And the Palmtop Tiger also become one of my favorites characters with Kushieda Minori, who is so idiotic that there are no words for it :D Every idea from her must be something embarrassing, funny, or idiotic, but you will laugh until it's hurt and even more.
 The Palmtop Tiger (Taiga) is a typical tsundere, but in a very extreme way. She starts the anime with hiting Ryuuji (the main character) but later on they will be ver close to each other and you'll find out that is very sensitive.
So if you like to watch an anime witch will make you laugh, cry or just want enjoy something without monsters, agression, but with a lot of funny events you should watch this. You won't regret it :D